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Heavy Industries has been beautifying the built world for over eleven years. As an architectural and artistic design and fabrication company, Heavy Industries has manufactured and installed some of Canada’s best known public artworks and most complex architectural projects. Through technology, experience, and expertise, Heavy Industries has become a single source for designing, fabricating, and installing custom features for artists, architects, and design professionals. We are always looking for the next challenging project or tenacious employee.

Heavy Industries is proud to partner with Chris Simpson in our quest for NHRA drag glory! The relationship between Chris and Heavy Industries spawned from a commonality in attitude and approach. In custom fabrication and in drag racing results come down to the finest of details and as a team we recognize this fact. In racing, the most miniscule change to the car’s engine or even a pre-race routine can make mille-second differences that decide wins and losses. The same goes for a custom fabricator like Heavy Industries – fine-tuning practices and methods, as well as having a “continue to get better every day attitude” helps create an advantage that puts us ahead of the competition before the race even starts.

Another similarity we share with Chris and drag racing is the idea that no matter how talented the driver is the team still needs a dependable drag car. In Chris’ case this fact is straight forward: he’s got a wicked fast Bantam altered with 700 HP! In Heavy’s case, we don’t have a literal drag car parked in our shop, but what we do have is a talented and dedicated staff comprised of craftspeople, fabrication specialists, project managers and designers who act as Heavy’s vehicle to success.

Heavy Racing Team is waiting to see the green light flash! See you on the race track! You’ll be able to learn more about Heavy Industries and Simpson Racing Solutions at their respective websites.