Chris Simpson of SRS

Chris Simpson of Simpson Racing Solutions has been racing drag for nearly two decades and Heavy Industries could not be more excited to partner with such a consummate professional. Chris was previously participating in NHRA’s super street from 2011 to 2013 and is now racing in NHRA’s Division 6 and. In his time at the super street level, Chris won three NHRA “Wallys”. In order to gain some insight into Chris Simpson as a person and as a driver we’ve provided you with his off the record interview with the Heavy Racing Team. These 32 questions will provide you a better understanding of what makes this man of speed tick.

Off the Record

Date of birth: Dec 8, 1979

Hometown: Brandon, Manitoba

Years in sport: 17

Racing Highlights: Three NHRA National Open Super Street wins, Northern Alberta Super Street Association event win, Fun Ford Weekend event win

Hobbies: Skiing, mountain biking

Personal car: 1997 Dodge pick-up truck with over 390,000 kms

Start in racing: bracket racing my street car on the weekends when I was in high school.

What you love most about racing:  The science behind it.  Every little variable has an impact on performance.  Each run is like a real life science experiment.

Most embarrassing moment at the races: Rolling up to the starting line without a helmet.

Toughest thing about drag racing:  Everyone is always bringing their A-game.  You have to be top-notch to win.

Best race car you’ve ever had:  The bantam altered that I race now.

Toughest loss: They all hurt.

Favorite opponent:  Ken Goldade.  He is such a competitive racer and all-round nice guy.

Last person you would want to race in a final round:  The competition is so tough right now that it doesn’t matter.

A race you will never forget: Winning my first NHRA Wally in Super Street.

The person you admire the most in racing: John Force.  He started out with a bunch of passion and humble beginnings, fought through adversity, and has become an icon in the NHRA.

Lifelong hero: My parents… can I have two?

When will you know that you’ve made it in drag racing: It pays the bills.

What are you really good at: Staying on task until it is done to the best of my ability.

Favourite TV shows: NHRA Mellow Yellow races

Favourite food: Steak

Favourite sports teams: Minnesota Twins, Calgary Flames

Favourite music/bands: Led Zepelin to Jason Aldean

Pet peaves: Disorganization

Biggest regret:  Not following my passion at a younger age

Modern convenience that you can’t live without:  The internet… is that too old school?

Nobody knows that you: Skipped grade six.

What do you hope you never have to do: Quit racing without it being on my own terms.

Smartest thing you’ve ever done: Followed my intuition

Dumbest thing you’ve ever done: Talk myself out of a good decision

Best time of your life: Landing a summer job, a teaching job, and a great apartment in the same day.

Worst time of your life: The time it took to realize that the summer job, teaching job, and apartment were not even close to what I wanted out of life.

Advice to young racers: Set goals and do it right the first time.

Future racing goal: Build an exciting racing team that is competitive on the divisional stage.